Colorado found a squirrel infected with bubonic plague

At least 15 dead squirrels were found on the territory of the city of Morrison. A bubonic plague-infected squirrel was

What is the difference between bacteria, germs, and viruses?

Bacteria, viruses and various parasites have troubled humanity throughout its history. You don’t have to go far for examples; the

Research: Intensive agriculture increases epidemic risk

Intensive agriculture increases the risk of epidemics. This conclusion was made by scientists from Bath Universities, a study of which

Vaccination of children will help to cope with antibiotic resistance

Vaccination of children is a powerful tool against antibiotic resistance. We are talking primarily about low and middle-income countries. Scientists

Syphilis constantly changes its genes to infect humans several times

The syphilis-causing bacterium, Treponema pallidum (Treponema pallidum), probably uses a single gene to elicit an immune response, according to UW

Scientists have created a device that generates electricity from the air

American scientists have learned to generate electricity using a unique bacterium. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts have discovered a

Scientists have found bacteria at a depth of 125 m under the ocean

Scientists have found bacteria at a depth of 125 m under the ocean. The temperature there rises to 1.2 thousand°C