It turned out that Megalodon’s teeth had grown so large and sharp by accident

A ground-breaking study by scientists at the University of Bristol showed that the evolution of teeth in the prehistoric giant

Platypus turned out to be a genetic mixture of mammals, birds and reptiles

An international team of researchers led by the University of Copenhagen has mapped the platypus’ genome to explain the unusual

Single-celled oceans are nearly identical to their early Earth ancestors

Scientists at the University of Colorado at Boulder have discovered that single-celled organisms living in modern oceans may have much

By the dust in the ocean, they determined how the winds on Earth changed

Researchers studied the dust deposited in ancient ocean sediments to understand how winds have changed throughout the planet’s history. Westerly

Asteroid Ryugu’s parent body lost water due to intense heat

Sensor data from the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa 2 explains when and how the asteroid Ryugu lost water. In December 2020,

In the US Congress, there was a scandal because of the female form of the word “Amen”

In the US Congress, a word was heard that the speaker mistakenly considered the female form of the word “amen,”

2,500-year-old Aphrodite temple discovered in Turkey

Many scientists and archaeologists have discovered the remains of a 2,500-year-old Aphrodite temple on the Urla Cesme peninsula in western

See how the moon appeared. Ancient planet crashed into Earth

The details of the formation of the moon remain a mystery until then. Researchers from the University of Durham have

In Pompeii, found a grocery kiosk with preserved food

The researchers talked about the excavation, during which they found a food stand. At the same time, they were able

Ancient food stall found in Pompeii

In the ancient Roman city of Pompeii destroyed by a volcano’s eruption, scientists have discovered a kiosk with the remains