Suspected of sending letters with ricin to the name Trump arrested

The suspect in sending a letter to the White House with ricin addressed to us President Donald Trump, was detained on the Peace Bridge in Buffalo (New York). This was announced on Monday, September 21, by Aaron Bowker, a senior officer of the US customs and border control Service (CBP).

The woman entered the United States from Fort Erie (Ontario) in Canada. CBP employees carried out the arrest. According to US media reports, the suspect was armed. Her motives are being established.

As the press service of the Federal Bureau of the investigation reported on September 19, a suspicious message was detected by the postal control service at the White House. The email was sent from Canada.

Earlier, in 2018, a US citizen, a Navy veteran, was arrested for sending letters to Donald Trump and members of his administration and FBI Director Christopher Wray and several high-ranking military personnel with a substance derived from ricin. Ricin is a plant-based protein poison derived from castor beans.