Stylists named the trends of 2021

According to the American Health magazine experts, in 2021, unnatural hair colors will be in fashion.

Therefore, stylist Oliver Adams believes that smoky shades will be popular in the New Year.

“The fashion for unusual, exotic hair colors will continue, but in 2021 the fashion will change towards more grayish, smoky shades, such as charcoal gray and blue,” the publication quotes him as saying.

His colleague Frederick Fekkai recommends wearing hairstyles with a metallic gold color in 2021. According to him, this is especially true for curly hair.

According to Adams, another fashion trend will be hair with a hint of red wine, in particular, dark cherry and merlot with a transition to burgundy.

According to Fekkai, girls with short hair should play with a platinum blonde. This classic shade never goes out of fashion, while it can be decorated with accessories-hairpins and headbands. For owners of longer hair, Adams recommended coloring baby lights or balayage so that the platinum blonde does not require special care.

The most daring girls Fekkai advised lavender shade. In his opinion, it allows you to smooth out the facial features and attracts the eyes, especially if the girl has a short haircut.


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