“Study failed”: Sputnik V testers will no longer receive placebo

Volunteers taking part in the Russian vaccine’s post-registration trials against COVID-19 Sputnik V will no longer be given the placebo. Some experts believe that “the study has failed.”

The head of the Gamaleya Center, Alexander Gunzburg, said that he wants to identify those who received a placebo and vaccinate them against the coronavirus with a real vaccine.

According to him, the Ministry of Health approved the termination of the recruitment of volunteers “because everything is proven there, and the pandemic is coming, and a placebo is not good at all.”

After the mass vaccination, many of those who received the placebo learned this after the tests and decided to get vaccinated with the vaccine to be protected from the coronavirus.

According to a source close to the vaccine developers Meduza, with the start of mass vaccination, the volunteers began to withdraw from the trials: this jeopardized the study as the placebo group shrank, and it is not known how to compare the results of people who received the vaccine and received a placebo.

In fact, the study has failed. Its goal has not been achieved. There was a change in the rules of the game during the game. The study will not have a correct efficacy result because the placebo group is lost.

Svetlana Zavidova, Executive Director of the Association of Clinical Research Organizations (AOCI).

The third phase of vaccine research is not yet complete, but a massive vaccination campaign has been underway since December 5.

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