Study: EU 21 years behind climate mitigation plans

The largest energy company in Europe conducted a study and found that the EU will not be able to reduce emissions by 2030. According to their calculations, at the current rate, it will be possible to reduce them by 55% only by 2051.

The researchers noted that Europe is making progress in reducing emissions, but employees of the largest energy supplier, which is dealing with the problem, believe that officials are not acting fast enough. Enel has published a study warning that Europe could be late in reducing greenhouse gas emissions if the process continues as it does now. The European Union (EU) wants to cut emissions by 55% by 2030, but according to the available data, without significant changes it will not reach this goal until 2051.

The continent will also fail to meet its 40% renewable energy target (also set for 2030) by 2043, according to the study.

According to experts, in order to achieve the emission target by 2030, the EU will need to invest about 3.6 trillion euros. The officials also need to create a management system suitable for the task. It is coordination between EU member states, a regional strategy that promotes the integration of markets.

The scientists added that the 55% emission reduction target is a significant leap from previous targets. However, the research findings can help to quantify how much work remains to be done.

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