Study: by 2035, almost all meals will be prepared with protein substitutes

A new study notes that alternative proteins will occupy a tenth of the market by 2035. In this case, most of the dishes can be prepared using alternative products.

By 2035, alternative protein products will account for 11% of the total market. Researchers are confident that by this time, using such substitutes, it will be possible to prepare almost any traditional dish. Moreover, they will be cheaper and will not lose their usual taste. This is reported by Prime with reference to a joint study by BCG and Blue Horizon Corporation (BHC).

Scientists are confident that by 2035, 95% of the world’s most popular dishes can be prepared using alternative foods. By this time, the total volume of the market for alternative products from meat, eggs, dairy products and seafood will reach at least $ 290 billion, up to 97 million tons.

“Taking into account the current dynamics of growth in the consumption of products from alternative sources of protein, the growth of measures to limit the impact of existing forms of agriculture on the climate, as well as the increased interest of investors in the sector of alternative proteins, we can say that 11% of the total protein market in the world is not such an aggressive figure

This is exactly what we need today, since we already know how to produce delicious products from plant materials. It is necessary to scale up their production to reduce prices, and this entails significant capital investments.””

Andrey Zyuzin, Managing Partner, Fuel for Growth Fund, FoodNet NTI Market Expert

The researchers suggest that growth may be even faster if the consumption of animal meat is at its peak. At the same time, in Russia, plant-based alternatives may appear most quickly in the field of dairy products, and the transition to plant-based meat will be of secondary importance. Scientists see the main risks in the area of ​​product regulation.

According to experts, plant-based alternatives could catch up with the natural products market by 2023. And from 2025, alternative proteins, which are obtained from microorganisms – fungi, yeast and unicellular algae, will do the same.

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