Students created an analogue of Facebook for stray cats living on campus

Students created an analog of Facebook for homeless cats living at the university in Beijing. This is written by SCMP.

Service Yan Yuan Mao was created by the Peking University Cat Association, which sterilizes stray animals that live in the university, and also feeds them and is looking for new owners.

Yan Yuan Mao is based on WeChat, the largest platform in China. Inside the service, each cat has its own page with a name, photo and description of its behavior, favorite food and features. In addition, in Yan Yuan Mao, you can add real-time action to cats, and each page has friends – cats with whom they are really friends.

social network for cats

As soon as the Association finds a new owner of the cat from the university, the profile of the animal goes to a special archive.

Author: Flyn Braun
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