Stranger Things star David Harbor talks frankly about marriage to Lily Allen

In September, David Harbor and his beloved Lily Allen got married. The couple threw a hilarious wedding in Las Vegas, hosted by an Elvis Presley lookalike. The lovers were not prevented by a pandemic or wildfires, which at that time were another big problem in the United States.

“At a wedding hosted by the king himself, the princess of the people married her loyal, low-born, but kind credit cardholder. It was a beautiful ceremony, lit by ash skies, thanks to a state of flames blazing miles away, in the midst of a global pandemic, ” David sarcastically reported on the important event.

In a recent interview with People magazine, he spoke lovingly about his wife: “I married a beautiful, incredible woman that I love. I’ve never met such a kind person like her. I had never felt such care of myself before and never cared so much for another person myself. True, she is a very kind person, and I really like it about her. “

Rumours of an affair between Allen and Harbor surfaced in August 2019. Celebrities do not hide their personal lives – home photos of each other regularly appear on their Instagram. Judging by them, David gets along and willingly spends time with Lily’s children from a previous marriage – eight-year-old Ethel and seven-year-old Marnie. Allen broke up with the father of her daughters, artist Sam Cooper, in 2018.

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