Storm Isaias rages in the Mid-Atlantic States

Earlier, the storm strengthened to a hurricane category, causing flooding and tornadoes.

Tropical storm Isaias, which previously strengthened to the level of a category 1 hurricane, is raging in the Mid-Atlantic States of the United States.

According to the national hurricane center, after the storm moved inland, the wind speed decreased, but on the coast of North Carolina and the Outer Banks, strong gusts of wind are still felt, which left thousands of buildings without power.

“Isaias” made landfall in the area of Ocean Island Beach in North Carolina at about 23: 00 Eastern time on Monday. The maximum wind speed at that time reached 140 km/h.

On Tuesday morning, the national hurricane center reported that strong winds, rain, and tornadoes covered Eastern Maryland and the Delmarva Peninsula. It is predicted that during the day they will spread along the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Wind speeds reached 110 km / h, but it is expected that the storm will gradually weaken during the day, and at night it will decrease to the category of a post-tropical storm.

Heavy rains along the East Coast caused flooding in coastal areas of North Carolina and the Mid-Atlantic coast. They are expected to continue later on Tuesday in the northeastern United States.
Tornadoes caused by the storm killed at least one person and destroyed at least 10 motorhomes in Windsor, North Carolina, according to the Bertie County Sheriff’s Department.
Tropical storm warnings were in effect from the Virginia border to Maine.

President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency in North Carolina so that Federal authorities could allocate funds to help the affected areas.
On Saturday, the President declared a state of emergency in Florida, but the full-scale consequences of the storm this state avoided.