Storm “Delta” hit the coast of Louisiana

The disaster led to gale force winds and flooding.

Six weeks after hurricane Laura made landfall in Louisiana, the state’s coast was hit by another hurricane, Delta. The main blow fell in the South-West of the state, where almost 45 centimeters of rain fell in less than 12 hours.

According to US weather forecasters, Delta made landfall on Friday evening in Central Louisiana at almost the same location on the southern Gulf coast as Laura.

In its latest report on Saturday, the national hurricane center said Delta weakened to a tropical storm, bringing “torrential rains to much of Louisiana” and winds reaching up to 95 km/h. Rain and wind tore tarpaulins from buildings erected here just a few weeks ago after the arrival of “Laura.”

According to the Associated Press, power lines were downed in some parts of the state. Witnesses reported flooding.