Storm “Barry” in the US weakened to a tropical depression

According to it, the wind speed within its limits decreased to 35 miles per hour (15 m/s), which automatically transferred the “Barry” in the less dangerous category. At the same time, meteorologists emphasize that the state is still in danger of flooding. According to it, “Barry” may also affect the nearby States of Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Earlier, US President Donald Trump urged Americans to be careful in connection with the disaster.

Tropical storm “Barry” was formed on Thursday in the Gulf of Mexico. A state of emergency has been introduced throughout Louisiana. Evacuation has been announced in a number of coastal districts. On Saturday, “Barry” gained the strength of the hurricane and hit the coast of the state, and then weakened to a tropical storm. According to CBS, due to the impact of the disaster in the States of Louisiana and Mississippi without electricity were about 70 thousand people.

Hurricane season in the Atlantic typically occurs in the period from June 1 to November 30. The atmospheric phenomenon is classified as a tropical storm and gets its own name if the wind speed within it reaches about 17.5 m/s. At a wind speed of 33 m/s and more, the storm becomes a hurricane.

Author: Flyn Braun
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