Stock markets in the United States changed slightly

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In particular, the Dow Jones index settled at 31 569,82 points.

Key indexes on US stock exchanges at the opening of trading on Monday changed slightly ahead of adopting a new package of measures to stimulate the economy in the United States.

In the first minutes after the start of the trading session, the US industrial index Dow Jones rose by 73.52 points (0.23%) and settled at 31 569,82 points. The S&P 500 index lost 6.93 points (0.18%) and ended up at 3 835,01 points. The Nasdaq electronic exchange index fell 103.24 points (0.80%) to 12 816,91 points.

WTI crude oil fell in price. The price of energy supplies in April fell by $0.41 (0.62%) to $65.68. The price of gold futures fell by $8.40 – to $1 690,10 per troy ounce.

On March 6, the US Senate voted to allocate $1.9 trillion for measures to support the economy. In February, expectations of these measures contributed to the growth of markets. Still, in recent weeks, investors fear that such a large-scale cash injection into the economy will accelerate inflation. In these circumstances, they prefer to invest in the US Treasury securities rather than shares of companies. However, the results of the morning trading were more favorable than the profile press had expected. The Wall Street Journal in the morning predicted a fall in the markets due to fear of inflation.

Author: Steve Cowan
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