Steve Jobs’ catchphrase taken away from Apple

Apple was deprived of the right to use the catchphrase of the corporation’s founder, Steve Jobs. The company could not defend the expression “One more thing” in court, so now it will be used by the Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group, Bloomberg reports.

Jobs often ended his presentations with this phrase, after which he announced a new and, as a rule, even more, an interesting project from Apple. Jobs’ successor Tim Cook revived the phrase “One more thing” in 2015, using it in the Apple Watch presentation.

Swatch patented the expression in 2015, and Apple tried to challenge this in court, calling Swatch’s actions unfair. But the High Court of London’s decision says that there is no malice in the actions of the Swiss firm. Judge Ian Purvis admitted that the trademark move could have been an attempt to anger Apple. At the same time, he pointed out that the phrase One more thing may even belong to Columbo’s fictional detective.

Jobs’ phrase is not the only reason for the confrontation between the two companies. For example, in 2015, Apple and Swatch argued over the name of a smartwatch. Then Apple was not allowed to name the Swiss company its iWatch smartwatch. Later, Swatch registered the slogan “Tick Different”, which echoes Apple’s corporate slogan “Think Different”.

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