Steam breaks new record for the number of online users

For gamers, the New Year holidays are becoming a chance to go through everything they have wanted for a long time, and for Steam this is another opportunity to set a new online record.

The year has just begun, and Valve’s store is already celebrating its first achievement. On January 2, 2021, 25,416,720 simultaneous users were recorded on Steam. The site set the previous record in March 2020, when the authorities of the countries of the world sent their residents to quarantine. Then SteamDB reported 20 million concurrent users on the network.

Of course, not all 25,416,720 users were playing during this time. Most gamers simply kept the Steam client running or scoured in search of new games. According to SteamDB, only 7.5 million users were actually playing when the service broke its new record.

In March, for 20 million people, only 6.2 were in the game.

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