State Department told about Chinese visa fraud network

The United States believes that four Chinese researchers who have been charged with visa fraud are part of a broad network spanning 25 American cities, a senior State Department official told reporters on Friday.

“The people charged are a microcosm that we believe is part of a broader network of people in more than 25 US cities. This network is fed through the Consulate here,” he said.

Three suspected Chinese citizens were detained earlier, and another took refuge in the Chinese Consulate in Houston, which Washington ordered to close. However, on Friday, a representative of the US Department of Justice announced that the student was detained. These people are suspected of having withheld information about serving in the Chinese army when applying for a visa.

The representative of the state Department, against the background of accusations against the staff of the Chinese Consulate of espionage and theft of intellectual property, also said that we should not expect that after the closure of the diplomatic mission, many legal cases will follow in connection with the diplomatic immunity of Chinese employees.

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