State Department: the US is leading efforts to combat COVID-19 and develop a vaccine

The government actively cooperates with the private sector and foreign partners.

The State Department pointed to the leading role of the United States in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and developing a vaccine.

According to the recently presented action plan, the US is bringing together the best minds from government departments, the private sector, universities, and collaborating with foreign partners to develop vaccines and therapeutics to protect the world from COVID-19.

As noted in the statement of the Foreign Ministry, the United States uses its position as the Chairman of the G-7 to strengthen the capacity of the world’s leading democracies and free economies in these efforts.

The United States welcomes the efforts of other countries to mobilize resources to mitigate and eliminate the COVID-19 pandemic. These efforts include a donor conference in Europe on Monday, which will, among other things, increase investment in the coalition for innovation in epidemic preparedness, as well as a meeting in the UK scheduled for June 4 to announce contributions to the world Alliance for vaccines and immunization.

The state Department statement mentions the COVID-19 initiative to accelerate the development of treatments and vaccines, which involves more than a dozen leading biopharmaceutical companies, the Centers for disease control and prevention, and other US government agencies, as well as the European medicines Agency.

The US government has allocated more than a billion dollars to develop COVID-19 vaccines in collaboration with the US and international pharmaceutical industry.

Currently, two government-sponsored vaccine development programs are in the first phase of clinical trials. One potential vaccine was developed in collaboration with the Norwegian-based Coalition for innovation in epidemic preparedness.

The United States continues to increase its investment in global health, which has totaled more than $ 140 billion over the past twenty years.

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