Starlink Internet Launched in Autumn 2020

Starlink’s Internet will be launched in the fall of 2020. The beta version of the service will begin testing in three months.

Company CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that SpaceX will launch a public beta of its broadband service in about six months. First of all, it will be targeted at consumers in the USA and Canada with poor Internet. A private beta for a limited number of customers and employees starts in three months.

Musk wrote about this on Twitter, answering questions from subscribers. According to him, the first public testing of Starlink will be available to people living “in high latitudes”.

SpaceX previously delivered the seventh batch of 60 mini-satellites into orbit with the help of a heavy Falcon 9 launch vehicle. This was the fourth Starlink launch in 2020 and the seventh in the company’s history. Now at the disposal of the company 418 active satellites, they are the leader in the field of private satellite Internet.

Starlink is the next-generation satellite network that can provide Earth’s inhabitants with broadband Internet access. The project began in February 2018. In total, it is planned to launch about 12 thousand satellites. The global goal is to provide high-speed Internet access to the entire population of the planet.

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