How to Spy My Boyfriend’s Phone Within Minutes

You have been suspicious about your boyfriend of late, but you don’t know how to get through it. Well, it’s okay to feel that way, but it’s not okay to hold the feeling for long. You don’t want to be dealing with conclusions made up in your head.

So, what’s the way out? These days, everyone uses a smartphone. It’s becoming more of an essential than a luxury, and your boyfriend has the latest one. That does not mean you cannot spy on it despite the security measures it needs just to unlock.

We will show you how to spy my boyfriend’s phone within minutes. As you read, you only need your phone or computer and an internet connection to use this app.

Part 1: Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone Using ClickFree

There are spy apps that will not take more than five minutes to start using them. One of them is the ClickFree solution that millions of people depend on in more than 190 countries. Others have also read about it on major news outlets such as Tech Radar and Business Insider.

Now, you need to know why it’s the best option if you want to spy on your boyfriend’s phone. Apart from the quick setup, it’s also never visible. That means your man will not have a clue that ClickFree is present on their phone.

It uses the stealth mode to do remain undetected. Next, it’s an app that is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. If you are not tech-savvy, this app does not need all the expertise in the world. In fact, it does not require rooting and jailbreaking techniques.

The cutting edge technologies in it can fetch your boyfriend’s phone details without the tricks. If he has an Android, ClickFree will make use of a one-time installation and the stealth mode activation. For iOS, the download and installation are not required.

In the Apple world, it will use the iCloud login details to spy on the phone’s information. All that’s required is a registration and verifying his iCloud ID on the main website. After the acquisition, you can spy on your boyfriend’s anywhere if you have an internet connection.

ClickFree’s control panel is fully compatible with all browsers, and it has more than 30 features. That means you can view them using your phone, tablet, or computer. Just make sure that you have an updated browser.

Part 2: ClickFree Boyfriend Spying Features

Here is a glimpse of what you will get from your boyfriend’s phone:

Calls and Contacts

ClickFree will show you all the contacts saved on his phone. You will also see the call log, which includes the call duration, contact details, and timestamps. If you would like to record the calls, that is also possible.

Messages and Social Media

See all the sent and received messages together with contacts and timestamps. In iOS, you will also get the deleted iMessages. In social platforms, you can spy on FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. The results will also include photos and videos.


ClickFree will get the real-time location of the phone and previously visited places. It also has the Geofencing option that allows specifying restricted zones. When your boyfriend goes there, you will get a notification via your email.

Media Files

It will fetch all the stored photos and videos. You can also download them for later use if you need to do that.

Installed Applications

Does he use other third-party apps? ClickFree will show you every app he has downloaded. When you click on them, you will also get the information stored.

Keylogger Reports

ClickFree has the power to spy on all the keystrokes made on your boyfriend’s phone. It then stores them in log files, which you can view via your account. The data is arranged according to the applications used. So, it will not be had to locate his usernames and passwords.

You can spy on boyfriend’s phone free once ClickFree is established on his phone. Since we cannot exhaust all the features here, we urge you to visit the main website. Now, everything you spy is also protected from other attackers.

ClickFree does not store your boyfriend’s data in the cloud. Instead, it syncs with the phone when you access your account online. That way, you are the only one who can spy on your boyfriend’s information and incoming updates.

Now, let’s see how you can spy on your boyfriend’s phone in five minutes at most.

Part 3: How to Use ClickFree to Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone


  1. ClickFree is compatible with Android 4.0 and above. Get his phone to install the app once
  2. In iOS, it works with version 7.0 or later. Use your boyfriend’s iCloud credentials
  3. Internet connection
  4. A working email address

Steps to Start Spying

Step 1: Sign up for an account on the ClickFree website using your email address and a password you can remember. Next, select Android or Apple, depending on what your boyfriend is using. Pay for a subscription that suits your spying and wait for the confirmation email.

Step 2: When the email arrives, setup ClickFree according to the instructions given. Use the sent link to install in Android.

For iOS, visit your account and verify your boyfriend’s iCloud ID.

Step 3: Once the setup is complete, re-access your account to view the dashboard. It will have the phone’s summary and the features on the left pane.

To spy on his activities, click on the links on the menu to see all the details.


Spying on your boyfriend’s phone does not need all the computer skills you have heard of. When you have ClickFree on your side, it will need reading skills to get your through. After that, your boyfriend will not know since his phone will always be the same.

For you, the updates will be streaming in your account as soon as they happen. When you find something that needs confronting, you will get your boyfriend by surprise. Go ahead, and register on the main website as you read more information.

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