Spider-Man 3 to be filming next week in New York

Marvel Studios and Sony are finally ready to begin production of the third Spider-Man film in the Homecoming Trilogy. According to current data, filming will begin in New York on October 16, although it is known that at first the cast and crew will not be on the set in full: Tom Holland, who is busy with the film adaptation of Uncharted, and director John Watts will be absent.

The working title of “Spider-Man 3” sounds like Serenity Now. Signs with such a signature were placed in different parts of New York, indicating exactly when work will begin. Apparently, due to the absence of the main actor and director, scenes of secondary importance will be filmed first.

In addition, the filmmakers will resort to innovative technology that will pre-scan all cast members with a visual effects system. This will make it possible to add makeup, costumes, and other details to the artists’ appearance. In part, this technology is used to ensure that filming takes place without delay in a pandemic.