Speed typing keyboard uses “chords” to spell words

The keyboard from the startup CharaChorder supports fast typing of words, as is usually the case on a smartphone. True, she does this not quite usually. This is stated on the startup’s Kickstarter page.

The creators claim that the keyboard can guess by the first letter what the user will write about. Moreover, the algorithms are built on the same principle as our thoughts – a person thinks in words, not letters. CharaChorder Lite keyboard uses key groups to create whole words instantly. It also resembles musical chords.

CharaChorder Lite looks just like a regular keyboard, and in fact, can be used as a whole: users enter words one letter at a time. By pressing three or four keys at the same time, users can instantly enter frequently used words.

Different words are created by pressing different key combinations. These combinations are called “chords,” just like in music. Users can create their own if the thousands of chords included in the system are not enough for them.

The device is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux operating systems. Since all processing occurs inside the keyboard itself, no special software needs to be installed on the user’s computer or tablet. The tutorial software is currently only available for Windows, although a cross-platform version is in development.

Ultimately, the designers hope to boost users’ typing speed from an average of about 40 wpm to over 250 wpm.

Planned retail price – $299.

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Author: John Kessler
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