SpaceX will send the first space tourists in 2021

SpaceX and Space Adventures have signed a partnership agreement – they will jointly send tourists into space on Crew Dragon ships. The first flights may take place as early as 2021.

The companies noted that four tourists will participate in the first mission. Presumably, flights lasting up to a week will take place in orbit 2-3 times higher than the ISS. The first starts are scheduled for the end of 2021 and mid-2022.

“This historic mission will be another step towards making space flights possible for all people who dream about it. We are excited to work with the Space Adventures team on this, ”SpaceX President and COO Gwynn Shortwell said in a statement.

Tourists will be sent to Crew Dragon – this is a capsule that SpaceX is developing for NASA. The spacecraft is built for astronaut flights to the International Space Station. The missions will be held in the “free flight” format – this means that the capsule will not dock with the station, but instead will simply move in the orbit of the Earth.

Financial flight conditions have not yet been disclosed. According to preliminary data, a space flight will cost about $50 million per passenger.

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