SpaceX will launch a closed beta test of satellite Internet Starlink: details appeared

SpaceX is preparing a closed beta test of its Internet service Starlink: it will begin in the summer. Published the first images of antennas that will allow you to connect to satellite Internet, they are published in Reddit.

SpaceX may soon provide a select number of people who have expressed interest in learning more about Starlink with access to its satellite Internet service. The Aerospace Corporation has sent an email to some of those who have previously registered for more information on the Starlink website asking for their full addresses.

In the same letter, SpaceX announced that this summer it will launch a closed beta for Starlink, and then public.

In addition, the first images of antennas appeared on the network, which will allow you to connect to satellite Internet. They were found in the Starlink website code and posted on Twitter. As a result, Musk confirmed the authenticity of the images, and in his commentary gave explanations on the operation of the routers.

Starlink terminal has motors to self-orient for optimal view angle. No expert installer required. Just plug in & give it a clear view of the sky. Can be in garden, on roof, table, pretty much anywhere, so long as it has a wide view of the sky.

Elon Musk’s Twitter post

The company warns that the connection may sometimes be lost because the team is working on optimizing the network. In addition, testers cannot be informed on the network that they have such a device installed.

You do not need to pay for participation in the program, they will formally be charged one dollar each for help in testing the billing system.

The last launch of the party of satellites took place on June 13. 58 Starlink was delivered into orbit. Thus, 540 Starlink satellites are now in Earth orbit.

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