SpaceX tests new Raptor engine

SpaceX announced that the next generation liquid-propellant rocket engine has successfully fired tests. It is planned to be installed on the Starship spacecraft and the Super Heavy booster.

SpaceX engineers conducted the first test of the Starship’s Raptor engine. Representatives of the company announced this on Twitter, has published a short video with burning on a test bench.

Full duration firing tests took place at the McGregor, Texas test site. SpaceX representatives do not report any additional information on the results of testing the engine.

The vacuum raptor passed the test, which came about three weeks after the engine left SpaceX’s Los Angeles rocket plant for McGregor. On September 4, SpaceX announced that the engine was being sent to a test site in Texas.

The engineers explained that the final version of Starship will receive six Raptor oxygen/methane engines, of which half will be optimized for low altitude maneuvers and in dense atmospheres, and the other will be adapted for airless operation.

SpaceX’s next major Starship showcase will take place next month. By then, SpaceX wants to conduct a full Starship flight test. To do this, engineers need to install a head fairing and air rudders. The device will rise to an altitude of 18 km and land back at the cosmodrome.

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