SpaceX successfully tests Starship prototype in Texas

If successful, the company plans to use the new ship for manned flights to the Moon and Mars.

SpaceX has successfully tested the SN15 prototype of the Starship spacecraft. SN15 managed to climb to an altitude of about 10 kilometers, after which the ship landed on a pad near the launch complex in Boca Chica, Texas. A live broadcast of the tests was conducted on the SpaceX Youtube channel.

The flight of the SN15 spacecraft was the first successful launch of the prototype after a series of failures. The previous test flight, which took place on March 30, ended with the explosion of the ship in the air. Just before that, its predecessor, launched in early March, managed to land successfully, but the ship exploded a few minutes later. SpaceX is developing Starship as an alternative to the Falcon-9 and Falcon Heavy rockets. The head of the company, Elon Musk, expects that the ships of this model will later be used for manned flights to the Moon and even to Mars.

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