SpaceX postponed the launch of the Dragon cargo ship to the ISS for a day

SpaceX announced the postponement of the Dragon cargo ship’s launch to the ISS on Sunday, December 6, due to adverse weather conditions.

The launch of the SpaceX-owned truck from the Cape Canaveral spaceport (Florida) was scheduled for December 5 at 11: 39 am US East coast time.

“Due to bad weather conditions in the landing area… we intend to launch CRS-21 on Sunday, December 6, at 11.17 am East coast time,” the company said in a statement on Twitter.

In addition to the crew’s provisions and necessities, the truck will deliver materials for scientific experiments to orbit. Dragon will also deliver the first commercial gateway module Nanoracks Bishop Airlock to the station. It is planned that after installation, the module will be used to move cargo to the station, test equipment, and launch satellites. The crew can use the new airlock module as a platform for storing equipment during spacewalks.

The ship was supposed to arrive in orbit on December 6. It should dock with the Harmony module for about a month and then return to Earth with the results of scientific experiments and spent materials.

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