SpaceX launches rocket with US secret giant satellite

The Falcon 9 launch vehicle was launched with the NROL-108 satellite to perform a mission of the National Office of Military Space Intelligence of the United States.

A live broadcast of the launch was conducted on the SpaceX Twitter page.

The launch took place at 09.00 from the launch complex LC-39A at the spaceport located on Cape Canaveral in Florida. Sometime after takeoff, the first stage of the rocket returned to earth.

Previously scheduled for December 17, the launch was interrupted one minute and 53 seconds before the start due to technical reasons.

The US does not disclose information about the goals, orbit, size, and other satellite characteristics, which weigh up to seven tons. All missions and capabilities of such devices are classified as state secrets.

In early December, SpaceX’s uncrewed Dragon spacecraft successfully docked with the ISS. The launch of the Falcon 9 carrier rocket with an uncrewed Dragon spacecraft occurred on December 6. It delivered about three tons of cargo to the ISS, including equipment and supplies.

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