SpaceX launches a new constellation of Starlink satellites

Placing a total of 11,000 satellites in orbit and putting them into operation will cost the company, according to its estimates, $10 billion.

The American company SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 launch vehicle on Saturday with the 15th group of 60 Starlink microsatellites. The rocket was launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral (Florida).

The first stage of the carrier was previously used to launch the third-generation GPS navigation system (GPS III) satellite in June 2020 and the Starlink microsatellite cluster in September of the same year. Shortly after launch, she was automatically put on the platform, Of Course, I Still Love You in the Atlantic Ocean. Approximately an hour after launch, the satellites were placed in low-earth orbit.

The Starlink network is designed to provide Internet access by deploying many small vehicles weighing up to 500 kg in low-earth orbit. SpaceX estimates that placing a total of 11,000 satellites in orbit and putting them into operation will cost $10 billion.

In May 2019, the first 60 satellites were launched into space, and in November of the same year, the second group of the Starlink vehicles was delivered to orbit. The 13th and 14th batches of satellites were launched earlier in October.

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