SpaceX last launched Dragon ship

SpaceX last launched the Dragon ship into space. In flights until 2024, the company will use a manned version of Dragon.

SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 launch vehicle, which launched the Dragon ship. This is the last launch of the device, in the future the company will send cargo to the ISS using CRS 2 – using a manned version of Dragon.

This time, the ship should deliver more than two tons of cargo to the station. These are products and consumables in order to support the life of the crew. In addition, the ship will deliver materials for scientific experiments and repair equipment.

The spacecraft will reach the ISS on March 9. A month later, they shut him up and he will return to Earth about two tons of cargo. Half an hour after the start of active braking in orbit, Dragon will fall into the Pacific Ocean, where the SpaceX marine crew will pick it up.

Earlier it became known that the NASA mission to the asteroid “Psyche” will be sent using Falcon Heavy to SpaceX. Its cost will be approximately 117 million dollars.

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