SpaceX Falcon 9 will launch Sirius XM-7 communications satellite into orbit

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Sirius XM-7 communications satellite into orbit. The launch is scheduled for 19:20, the live broadcast is promised to start 15 minutes before the start.

The company noted that this is the 25th launch of the company in 2020, while the previous 24 launches were successful. SpaceX has three more missions scheduled before the end of the year.

Following the launch of the Sirius XM-7 satellite, the first stage of the Falcon 9 will return to Earth to autonomously land on the Of course, I still love you, an unmanned spacecraft in the Atlantic Ocean. SpaceX will try to rebuild the rocket’s payload fairings in order to use them again.

The researchers explained that the SXM-7 satellite is designed to operate in orbit for 15 years. The engineers equipped it with two solar panels and a large antenna that will help broadcast radio without the need to use dish antennas at the signal receiving point.

The satellite will replace another device, the XM-3, which has been operating since 2005. It will multiply the power and provide the highest power density among all commercial vehicles in orbit.

The SXM-7 was supposed to launch on December 11th. Then it was postponed for two days for additional checks of the ground system.

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