SpaceX and ULA have received contracts from the Pentagon to conduct four launches in 2023

Contracts have a fixed value.

SpaceX has received a contract from the Pentagon for $159.7 million for two spacecraft launches for the US Armed Forces in 2023. This is stated in a document distributed on Tuesday by the press service of the US Department of Defense.

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) consortium also received a contract for two launches worth $224.2 million.

Last August, the Pentagon selected both companies to launch spacecraft from 2022 to 2027. The contracts have a fixed cost and are funded on an annual basis. ULA will carry out 60% of 30-35 launches in the designated period, SpaceX-40%. At the same time, ULA received $337 million from the Pentagon for two launches in 2022 and SpaceX – 316 million for just one. The company, headed by entrepreneur Elon Musk, attributed such a high cost to developing the infrastructure necessary for launches to ensure national security.

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