Space forces of the US stationed troops in the Arabian Peninsula

At the Al-Udeid base, a team of “chief space operators” will work, whose tasks will include controlling satellites and tracking enemy maneuvers.

The newly formed US Space Force deploys its troops to the new frontier that has become the Arabian Peninsula

The Space force now includes a squadron of 20 pilots, deployed abroad for the first time – at the Al-Udeid Air Base in Qatar.

The force, created with the active participation of President Donald Trump, is the sixth branch of the US armed forces and the first since the creation of the air force in 1947.

“We are beginning to see other countries making extremely aggressive preparations to move the conflict into space,” Todd Benson, head of the Al – Udeid Space force unit, told the Associated Press. – We must be able to compete, protect, and defend all our national interests.”

Earlier this month, a swearing-in ceremony was held at the Al-Udeid base, where 20 air force personnel, surrounded by American flags and huge satellite dishes, joined the Space force.

Soon, several more people will join the team of “chief space operators” who will control satellites, track enemy maneuvers, and try to prevent conflicts in space.