South Carolina has introduced the death penalty by firing squad

The decision was prompted by a shortage of lethal injection drugs.

South Carolina has passed a law requiring death row inmates to choose between the firing squad and the electric chair.

This came after the execution of death sentences was suspended for ten years due to a lack of drugs for lethal injections.

“This weekend, I signed a law that will allow the state to execute death sentences. The families and loved ones of the victims deserve closure and justice under the law. Now we can ensure that” Governor Henry McMaster tweeted.

McMaster, a Republican, wants to resume executions after a 10-year hiatus caused by a shortage of drugs used for lethal injections.

Before this recess, death row inmates could choose between the electric chair and injection. In this case, the injection was used if the sentenced person did not make a choice.

South Carolina is the fourth state to allow execution by firing squad, along with Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Utah, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. The acute shortage of lethal drugs used for lethal injections continues for several years, as several large laboratories refuse to supply them to American prisons, so as not to be associated with the death penalty.

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