Soros, Rockefeller and Gates were accused of the COVID-19 pandemic

In Peru, a court has accused billionaires George Soros, Stephen Rockefeller and Bill Gates of involvement in the coronavirus pandemic, radio station RPP informs.

The court was considering an appeal to extend the detention of a man accused of rape. Motivating the refusal to appeal the previous instance’s decision, the judges of the appellate court stated that the criminal process against the defendant was paralyzed due to an insurmountable circumstance, namely the COVID-19 pandemic. Simultaneously, the verdict states that the coronavirus pandemic was allegedly “created by the criminal elites who rule the world.”

“No government in the world, no individuals and legal entities, no defence of the defendant can claim that this pandemic is predictable, except for its creators from among [the authors] of the new world order, such as Bill Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, etc. ., who managed it and continue to manage it in the conditions of utmost secrecy, ” the court’s decision says.

The defendant’s lawyer has already said that he will demand to annul the appellate court’s decision, stressing that it is based on speculative statements instead of arguments related to the case.

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