Sony’s new strategy: now PlayStation exclusives will come to PC more often

Sony has released its next corporate report, in which it spoke about its plans to expand its player base.

Apparently, the SIE appreciated the success of Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn, and now the company plans to further transfer its exclusives to the PC. Sony’s new strategy is aimed at increasing the number of active users and playing time, as well as “improving the effective cycle” of the PlayStation platform.

They want to achieve this, including the release of exclusive projects on the PC:

“Target results include increased active users, stronger retention, and a shorter cash conversion cycle that can be expected to increase cash flow. We will consider expanding our own games to the PC platform to further boost our profitability”.

The head of internal PlayStation studios Herman Hulst has already hinted at a similar alignment. After the announcement of Horizon Zero Dawn for PC, he noted that the company remains open to new ideas for increasing the audience, but assured that not all exclusives will go outside the PlayStation 4.