Sony will test its Vision-S electric car on public roads

The Vision-S prototype was first presented to the public at CES. Then Sony announced that it did not intend to test the electric car on the road, and simply created it to demonstrate its vision of the future of electric transport. However, everything can change.

The company recently announced that it has already delivered the Vision-S to Tokyo, where it will begin testing it on regular municipal roads.

The electric car is equipped with two engines of 200 kW each, thanks to which it is able to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.8 seconds. The Vision-S has a top speed of 239 kilometers per hour.

When Sony first unveiled the car to the public, it featured a Level 2 autonomous driving system. This meant that the car was independently capable of steering, picking up speed and braking, but it could do this only under the tight control of the driver, who was able to take control if necessary. Representatives of the company told reporters that they plan to improve the autonomy of the electric car, but this task is not yet a priority.

The Vision-S is equipped with 33 sensors to ensure the correct operation of the autopilot and other functions. For example, a car is able to recognize passengers inside the cabin by sight, adjusting the parameters of the cabin for everyone who is inside.

The salon is equipped with a proprietary Sony 360 Reality Audio system, with speakers in the headrests of each of the four seats. The cabin also features an advanced user interface based on a panoramic touchscreen display.

The manufacturer does not report the start date of the tests. About when the commercial release of Vision-S may take place is also unknown.

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