Sony unveils studio Haven led by ex-head of Google Stadia Games

Google recently shut down an in-house gaming division run by former Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond. The girl left the leadership position quietly and without announcements, but only in order to loudly announce her plans afterwards.

As it turned out, Jade’s plans include managing a new studio with the support of Sony, which is called Haven Studios:

“Today I represent Haven, an independent studio that brings together many of the talented game developers I have worked with for many years (and whom I love very much) to work together on our life’s work. It’s time to re-focus on games in a place where we can develop in our craft without barriers and restrictions “

Who exactly is part of Haven Studios is unknown. Perhaps Jade took the people from Stadia Games and Entertainment with her, or she brought in former colleagues from EA Motive and Ubisoft. During her career, the girl has worked on the universes of Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, The Sims, Splinter Cell, as well as the canceled Gaia from EA.

Jade has already announced that the Haven team is working on a new game, but she kept the specifics to herself. Therefore, gamers will find out all the details about the studio’s debut project later.

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Author: John Kessler
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