Sony showed a prototype VR controller. It tracks the movements of individual fingers

Sony has shown on which technologies the future PSVR 2 headset will work, with which users can track the movements of individual fingers in virtual reality. This is stated in the blog of the company.

In the video, the company showed a controller similar to the Valve Index control system. It will track the movements of individual fingers, including compression, allowing you to diversify the number of reactions and actions in games.

For the system to work, the company will use machine learning technology, which can bypass problems with recognizing a number of gestures. In addition, artificial intelligence will allow people with rings in their hands, as well as with watches, to play such VR services.

The message has not yet said when the PSVR 2 headset will be released and whether the new controllers will be available as separate devices. Experts believe that PSVR 2 can be added to the new version of the PlayStation VR console, which has not yet been officially unveiled.

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