Sony PlayStation 5 Pro and PlayStation 6 can get multiple GPUs at once. Sony already has such a patent

The Sony PlayStation 5 game console will hit the market in a few months. We do not yet know if the Japanese giant is going to release the PS5 Pro – there are various rumors on this subject – but a patent has appeared on the Web that may hint at one very important feature of the next Sony console, whatever it is called.

The document describes a multi-GPU configuration that can be used in a game console. The patent also mentions that one SoC can be used for an affordable set-top box model and several for a more expensive and productive one. However, in this case, we are not talking about several GPUs, but about several single-chip systems or hybrid processors, which looks unlikely.

Rumors of multi-chip GPUs have been circulating on the web for a long time. In particular, this configuration is attributed to Nvidia video cards that will be released after the Ampere generation. However, game consoles and discrete graphics cards are very different segments, where products are created according to different principles. So it’s too early to draw conclusions, but in any case, Sony is considering such an exotic, at the moment, option for the development of its consoles.

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