Sony plans to create AI that will win the Nobel Prize by 2050

Sony’s head of artificial intelligence research plans to create an AI that will win the Nobel Prize. According to Hiroaki Kitano’s plan, it will take 30 years.

Hiroaki Kitano, CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, announced plans to create artificial intelligence that rivals modern scientific minds. For this, Kitano will develop and launch the Nobel Turing Challenge. The goal is to develop an AI that is smart enough to win the Nobel Prize by 2050.

According to Kitano, unique, fundamentally new discoveries in science and technology will be the hallmark of the project. “It’s important not to rediscover what we already know or try to mimic human thought processes,” said Sony’s head of AI research. “The goal of the project is to reformulate the scientific discovery itself and create its alternative form.”

The value of the Nobel Turing Challenge project lies in the development of machines that can make discoveries continuously and autonomously. The AI ​​scientist will generate and test as many hypotheses as possible. Some of them will lead to major discoveries on their own or will form the basis for them.

Hiroaki Kitano, CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories
Initially, Kitano plans to create a set of useful tools that automate part of the research process in both experiments and data analysis. Gradually, the level of autonomy can increase in order to generate a wider range of hypotheses and tests.

Kitano explained that the AI ​​scientist will take on the hard intellectual work so that people have more time to test scientific hypotheses.

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