Sony and Kioxia ask the US to allow cooperation with Huawei

From mid-September, new US restrictions began to apply against Chinese Huawei: foreign companies that use patented American technologies in their work cannot cooperate with Huawei without a special license. Many manufacturers did not despair and do not give up hope of obtaining permission from the American government.

Sources say that the Japanese companies Sony and Kioxia (formerly Toshiba Memory) have already applied for licenses. The first supplies image sensors for smartphones, the second supplies flash memory chips. For both companies, Huawei is an important partner.

Analysts say that if they do not receive permission for further cooperation, it will affect revenues. For example, in August, Sony published a report of a 45% decrease in operating profit. Rumor has it that to some extent this is due to the loss of Huawei.

Let’s remind, earlier the license was issued by Intel, but Qualcomm has not received any permission or ban yet. Representatives for Sony and Kioxia declined to comment.