Solar energy made liquid fuel in China

China has made a major breakthrough in converting solar energy to liquid fuels, CCTV reports.

Local television broadcast a report on the completion of the solar-to-liquid fuel project. They started working on the project in China back in 2001.

This is one of the topical areas that many developed and developing countries of the world are working on, since the instability of electricity production from renewable sources requires efficient technologies for accumulating energy reserves.

As told in the story, using electricity from photocells, the researchers managed to synthesize a liquid product with a methanol content of 99.5%.

According to the results of the work, one unit can produce 1,500 tons of methanol per year, as well as recycle 2,000 tons of CO2. Methanol is obtained in the process of synthesis from carbon monoxide and hydrogen on a catalyst. For this, hydrogen is obtained in the process of electrolysis of water, which requires energy, in particular, from sunlight.

As noted in the plot, one ton of hydrogen is equal to the storage of energy in a volume of 33 MWh.

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