Solar eclipse December 14: horoscope for today

A rare astrological event – a total solar eclipse will occur on Monday, December 14 and will occur in Sagittarius’s sign. At this time, astrologers recommend projecting intentions for the future and getting rid of all the past and unnecessary. So what promises this grandiose eclipse and what changes can be expected soon

Solar eclipse – impact on humans

The sun is a symbol of consciousness. And when a solar eclipse occurs, many may notice a clouding of mind behind them. That is why you should not make hasty decisions on the day of the eclipse itself. Any action can become a point of no return, and it will be difficult and even impossible to change it. Everything that happens at this moment must happen.

Eclipses always push forward: develop, change, move – all this is a fateful seal, a karmic lesson. An eclipse reveals secrets, draws attention to something very important, or opens eyes to the truth.

Knots of the past and losses

This time the eclipse will occur in the sign of Sagittarius, next to the karmic knot Ketu. It is called a “knot of the past” or a “knot of loss.” This means that at the time of a solar eclipse, a person with whom you have not communicated for a long time may reappear in your life, an old secret may be revealed, and any past may remind you of yourself. Also, during this period, something can leave your life, make room for a new event, business, and person.

The main theme of the eclipse in Sagittarius’s sign is liberation, the birth of something new. That is why, after a solar eclipse, you will have the opportunity to change your life and finally decide on something else radically.

Do’s and Don’ts

On this day, you should not make important decisions and end any relationship – love or friendship. You should not slam the door and break the contract with your superiors, as well as accept new job offers. Wait two or three days for the “stardust” to settle, and you can soberly assess not only your capabilities but also your true desires. On eclipse day, you should not do cosmetic procedures and go under the surgeon’s knife.

On this day, you can safely make plans, arrange a “brainstorming” at work, carry out general cleaning of the house, getting rid of everything unnecessary. Astrologers also recommend breathing new energy into life – to devote time to yourself and do what makes you happy.

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