Solar chimney will save up to 50% of electricity for heating

A solar chimney will help save up to 50% of electricity, as well as save the lives of homeowners in a fire. The development of scientists from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is described in the journal Energy and Buildings.

About 19% of the world’s energy resources are used for heating, ventilation, and cooling of buildings, the authors of the study write. Installation of solar chimneys will reduce energy costs for heating by 50%.

The Solar Chimney is a passive solar heating and cooling system that uses natural ventilation to control the temperature in the building. Modern solar chimneys consist of a glass wall opposite the black painted wall. This design allows you to maximize the absorption of solar energy.

Ventilation holes on the top and bottom of the mechanism control the airflow inside and outside the chimney for heating or cooling. When the sun heats the chimney, it heats up and the air inside it.

In the course of the new work, the researchers developed a solar chimney that will allow carbon dioxide to be drawn out during a fire, as well as deliver fresh air to the room.

Our study demonstrates that solar chimneys offer significant benefits for both human safety and the environment. We hope that our findings will inspire increased investment and the development of solar chimneys around the world.

Long Shi, lead author of the study

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