Snowden agrees to pay the US authorities more than $ 5 million from royalties from performances and sales of the book

Former CIA and National Security Agency (NSA) USA Edward Snowden has agreed to pay the government over $ 5 million of the funds received from sales released last year, the book Permanent Record, and also for public speaking. CNN reported this, citing court documents.

The US authorities in their lawsuit insist that the publication of the memoirs violates non-disclosure agreements that Snowden signed while working for the US intelligence services. The plaintiff believes that all proceeds from sales and publication of the Permanent Record belong to the United States. According to CNN, Snowden has earned $ 4.2 million from his book as of this month.

Also, he received about $ 1.03 million for his 56 performances, which also provided classified information.

It is noted that the court has not yet approved the specified payment plan. The lawyer for the former special agent stressed that the government’s agreement does not mean that the authorities will immediately get access to the money, as Snowden plans to appeal an earlier court verdict on his responsibility for disclosing information.

In 2013, Edward Snowden made public information about the methods of electronic surveillance by US intelligence agencies, including illegal wiretapping of foreign leaders ‘ talks. Fleeing persecution by the US authorities, Snowden sent requests for asylum to the authorities of some countries, including Russia. On August 1, 2014, he received a residence permit in Russia for three years, which was later extended for the same period.

In the US, Snowden is charged with violating two articles of the espionage act. He faces up to 10 years in prison for each of these counts. Representatives of the US administration have repeatedly stated that they consider Snowden a traitor and are not going to forgive him because he caused serious damage to national security interests.