Snoop Dogg condemned Cardi B for promiscuity

Cardi B teamed up with Megan Jovon Ruth Peet (better known as Megan Thee Stallion) to release the WAP video, which is widely discussed in the American creative community. The girls appeared in revealing outfits and demonstrated relaxed behaviour, defending the right of the beautiful half of humanity to freedom of sexual desires within the script of their video.

Snoop Dogg hardly condemns the freedom of sexual desires, but the famous performer categorically disliked the WAP clip: “Where is it taking you, where is the intimacy of emotions and the female mystery? Where pride and secrecy are integral parts of success in your personal life? To flaunt your treasures means to part with them early and cheaply … “

The rapper clarified that 15-20 years ago he himself would have been delighted with the degree of frank eroticism and shocking in WAP, but now he understands that for a real man in her life, a girl can save something significant – both for him and for herself.

Rapper Offset stood up for his wife and hinted at the motivation of Snoop Dogg’s criticism: “I love Snoop, but I don’t get into my wife’s creative affairs, and I think that girlish self-expression should not be interfered with. Look at the charts – never before have women reached so many top positions. This is due to their ability to feel the needs of the audience – and the competition on the musical Olympus increases, it cannot be overcome by reading morality! “

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