Snapchat introduced mini applications

The Snapchat messenger has introduced third-party apps that run on their platform and do not require installation. The company wants users to be able to complete most tasks without leaving Snapchat.

So far, only a few gadgets can be found inside the messenger: the Headspace meditation tool, the Flashcards collaboration program, the Prediction Master interactive messaging service, and the Let’s Do It gadget.

Third-party apps are embedded into Snapchat using HTML5 and work for all users on all devices. They can be found through the search, applications do not require installation.

Snap announced that they are working on gadgets back in June 2020. The developers plan that in the future, users will not go to third-party sites, but will be able to perform many tasks within their platform. By the end of the year, the messenger will have applications for scheduling classes, studying, buying movie tickets, and even going to music festivals.

Snapchat also plans to share most of its tools with third-party developers. So in the social network, they want to expand their audience even more – now they are used by 229 million people around the world.

TechCrunch notes that this is a new concept for social media in the US and UK, but it is popular in Asian markets. For example, WeChat already has over a million gadgets that allow you to perform “a wide variety of tasks”.