Snapchat can now recognize food and wine

Snapchat has added a function to recognize food and wine using a camera. In the future, the creators of the service want to build an augmented reality platform around the camera.

The Snapchat app has added food and wine label recognition to its visual search service. The app’s camera can now scan food and wine labels to display composition, production date and other useful information to the user.

These features are similar to those found in standalone food and wine apps. The user needs to point the camera at the barcode, and Snapchat will display some key details of the product, as well as an analysis of its relative health benefits (this information is provided by a third-party app called Yuka). Users can also scan a wine bottle label and receive pricing, rating, and food compatibility notes.

Snapchat has been increasing the number of camera search features for several years now. Users can now identify plants and dog breeds, solve math equations, and view Amazon products and music on Shazam. The creators of these features explain that they may not seem like the most essential, but Snapchat’s scanning capabilities are an attempt to make the camera useful, and in the future build an augmented reality platform around it.

Previously, more than a million Snapchat users signed up for the US presidential election through the app. Most of them will vote for the first time. The popular app, known for its disappearing messages and face filters, reported that 56% of users it helped register to vote for the first time. At the same time, almost 65% of them indicated that they are between 18 and 24 years old.

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