Smoke from US fires has already reached Europe

Smoke from devastating fires on the west coast of the United States reached Europe. This was announced on Wednesday by the European Union’s climate monitoring service in its assessment of the “unprecedented” fires, AFP reported.

Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS) satellite data have shown that wildfires currently raging in California, Oregon, and Washington state are “tens or hundreds of times more intense” than they have been recently.

Smoke from fires lingered in western North America for several days, resulting in potentially hazardous air quality in major cities such as Portland, Oregon, Vancouver and San Francisco. However, the weather changed on Monday, and the smoke spread eastward in a jet stream. NY Metro Weather reported on Tuesday that it was visible in the skies over New York. CAMS said it tracked the transport of smoke particles from fires 8,000 kilometers eastward, reaching northern Europe.

Experts estimate that more than 30 million tons of carbon dioxide have been emitted from the fire since mid-August. The likelihood of fires increases every year as the planet warms.

The magnitude of these fires far exceeds the level in all 18 years that our CMAS monitoring data covers since 2003, said Mark Parrington, a forest fire expert.

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