Smart cameras can help criminals understand when the owners are not at home

An international team of specialists from Queen Mary of the University of London (QMUL) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences has conducted a research on the potential risks of home security cameras. It turned out that some popular models of smart cameras can actually help criminals, signaling that the owner has left the house.

In the course of the work, the experts examined the data provided by a major Chinese camera manufacturer.

As it turned out, by monitoring the traffic generated by CCTV cameras, you can determine whether someone is at home. You can also predict future activity in the house, which robbers can take advantage of.

As the author of the study, Gareth Tyson, notes that the amount of data increases when the camera records moving objects, so an attacker can determine whether the camera unloaded frames with someone in motion. Various types of movement, such as running, can also be identified. To do this, you do not need to study the video content itself, you just need to see the frequency with which the camera downloads video via the Internet.

According to Tyson, in order to rob a house, a thief must have a decent level of technical knowledge, but there is a chance that someone can develop an assistant program and start selling it on the Internet.

There is currently no evidence that such attacks are occurring.